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Range of Standard desiccant dehumidifiers with process air flows from 1,000 CMH to 20,000 CMH. These units are completed with desiccant rotor, filters, fans, heaters,electrical components and internal wiring, with optional built-in pre-cool and/or after-cool units.

Efficiency and Reliability

  1. High performance desiccant rotor for maximum capacity while consuming minimal energy
  2. Choice of desiccant (Lithium Chloride or Silica Gel) for optimum drying in every application
  3. Efficiently designed electrical system for enhanced control and reliability Choice of reactivation energy source (Electric/Steam) for economical operating costs
  4. Optional built-in pre-cool and/or after-cool units for precision control and versatility
  5. Corrosion resistant construction for maximum durability
  6. Easy access to major component for effortless services and maintenance